Crumble, Hash, and Wax… Oh my!

Cannabis is available in different forms.


Crumble is a concentrated variety of cannabis which is cleansed in a vacuum oven for a long time. While it is being cleansed, it is also whipped. This process gives it a brittle texture and degree softness such that it can crumble with a little effort. It is also known as honeycomb.


Hash or Hashish is made from the most potent part of the cannabis plant which is called as ‘trichomes’. The leaves and the buds are less potent parts of the plant. Hash is prepared by compressing trichomes which are the hairs like structures growing on the cannabis plant. It is usually smoked by rolling it in a joint (something like a cigarette).


Wax is another form of cannabis which resemblance the ear wax in texture. It is much softer than crumble and is opaque in nature. The consistency is just between “budder”, which is another form of cannabis, and crumble. Budder is more liquidy in its form and it can flow across.

Apart from these, cannabis is available in various other forms namely shatter, sap, pull and snap etc. You can do your own research on all these types. It is only the development in processing technology which has led to the development of these forms. As the technology improves, you will see many other forms in future.

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