Learn what it takes to be a master green thumb.

The choice available is extraordinary. Sativaindicaruderalis, every type of hybrid, all available in a simple click. You already know what you like from your personal experience. Which varieties have been better suited to your mood and need in the past. The most Popular strains available at Urban Flavours Delivery include: Girl Scout CookiesOG GasSour Diesel, and Platinum CookiesWhich varieties have provided satisfactory relief for your physical ailments?This is probably a good place to start.

Keeping your personal taste in mind, start thinking about your growing conditions. Do you want to cultivate in a small closet? Then small and rapidly maturing plants such as autoflowering or indica varieties will be more suitable for the confined space. Or do you have a beautiful garden where you can grow one or more giant varieties directly in the ground or in large pots?

At the beginning of your adventure in the cultivation of cannabis, there is the germination of seeds. Each seed contains all the information necessary to form the variety of plant you have chosen. It only needs the right environmental conditions, and his life cycle will begin. The seeds will not sprout until three specific objectives have been achieved. Water, correct temperature(heat), and good positioning.

Cultivating cannabis is a natural process, without strict rules. It is not a linear system that is simply learned, but an art to master with experience. There are various methods, all equally effective, to make cannabis sprout. Over time you will discover the method most suitable for you. When the green leaves meet the light, true photosynthesis begins. The plant starts its metabolism and begins the vegetative phase. The lights should be set to a regime of eighteen hours of light, and six hours of darkness. This does not necessarily need to be coordinated with the actual day and night hours, you can set the light / dark cycle as you prefer. By activating electrical equipment during off-peak hours, you can save a lot of money.

Your plants will be happy in organic soil or if they are nourished with substances suitable for the vegetative phase. An abundant forced ventilation will keep the temperatures under control and will strengthen your young plants. More specific methods can also be used, such as adding carbon dioxide to the environment. Low-stress training and scrogging can be used to increase the growth rate and flowering potential of indoor-grown cannabis.

Flowering is the last stage of growth of the marijuana plant. This will be an exciting period, full of aromas that start to form. In addition, interesting floral arrangements begin to emerge, based on the variety that is being cultivated. The flowering phase has characteristic stages common to all cannabis plants, and begins when the vegetative phase is finished.

Outdoors, the first flowering stage can be noticed when the summer heat comes to an end and autumn is approaching. When indoors, you can control the start of the flowering phase by changing the lighting time, setting a photoperiod of twelve hours of light and twelve hours of darkness. Now show your thumb. ~UF

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